Bonelli US Cup! Eating Dust.. 

Last Saturday marked another day to get kit’d up and race some bikes! This time down in sunny California in the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park.  

Shredding with Todd Wells! 📸AdamMorka

Last year for those who were there and remember, was a total surprise mud fest! This year, the opposite and typical Cali racing; dustyyyy! 
The course being very fast with multiple steep climbs, the Elite men would set out for 7 laps and with a field of 88 riders, it was for sure going to get hectic. 

After a good start to the race and riding comfortably in a quick group, time away from the mtb caught up to me as I made a few dumb mistakes, loosing the group and finding myself riding alone for the next 5 laps… sandwiched between two groups, I had good motivation to keep pushing hard! Riding for almost all of the race in 19th, at the end of the last lap I went down on a high speed section. After gasping for breathe and getting back onto my bike, I rolled in for 22nd. 

Me all alone 📸AdamMorka

The race was going ok-good until the end. I am excited to improve from that race and build momentum going into Sea Otter! 

Still/Always alone but pushing hard. 📸AdamMorka

Thanks to the Norco Factory Team for keeping us dialled for the race, and Forward Racing for the mansion we stayed in! Congrats to all that raced cuz it was Sweet!!