Trip to Quebec

This all started early in the year when race planning was in effect. Deciding to skip the World Cups and stay back for Canada Cups can be quite controversial… Where going to Europe can gain you quality experience, but staying back can allow you to gain valuable UCI Points, something I was pushing for in my first year of U23. So off to Quebec we go for Canada Cup #2 & #3!

Luckily I had a great support crew of Josh Toohill, and Cam Mckenzie, as well as my wonderful Mother.

This year, Tremblant had a slight course change up from previous years, adding in a singletrack climb and some very tricky corners in the decent. But I was feeling comfortable and eager to race again!

Calm before the storm…

Race day came, starting at 4pm makes it feel like you waste a day waiting… But at 4pm the Elite Men were on course! An early flat in the first lap put a bit of a damper on my race, but I was still excited to put down what I had the rest of the race. Sitting in around 12th when I flatted, and slowly moving through the field until the last lap where Davis Ross (AWI Racing) and I had an epic battle for 4th. In the end, I was able to nudge out a 4th place finish.

Post Face-Plant into mud puddle… Stuff going wrong to stuff getting done!

The week between Tremblant and Baie Saint Paul, my mom and I drove to BSP and stayed in a lovely cottage house overlooking the bay. Getting some valuable training in and having my mom to ride with to show me the lines, I was ready to go at it again and see where I’d end up.

After my Mom annihilated a lap of the course with me! Glad I have her to scout lines with!!

Starting at 4pm again, I had a good, clean start. Leading out the group and going into the singletrack first. Coming into the first downhill, I was sitting in 3rd, feeling strong and un-gassed, my front wheel missed the rut and under the tape I went… Getting back up from the crash, I was further back in the group, and all I thought about was Tremblant and how I had to fight back. Luckily, I was able to get back up near the front by the end of that lap! Sitting about 5-25 seconds from Evan Guthrie (leader) (Team Solo Evan), I was feeling strong physically on the climbs and technically thanks to my tuned up Revolver FS (post crash). At the end of the 4th lap of 5, I passed Evan, who had an unfortunate front flat. He had to get a wheel change and I knew that he would be in full pursuit on the final lap and I had to dig deep to keep my small gap. In the end, I was able to turn myself inside out on the final singletrack climb to solidify the gap  into the final decent to my first Elite Canada Cup win!

BSP Podium

The day of the BSP race was a special one for my family, having the news early in the day about Peter getting Bronze and the Albstadt World Cup. As well as Canadians, with multiple break through performances over the weekend!! Super excited and pumped for what can happen the rest of the year! #CanadianTough 

Sunday was a 9km mtb Time Trial, and I must have left everything out on the course the previous day! I was cooked! Still managed to get 5th, everyone was rippin! Then, back home it was for me with a 9 hour drive! (Made it home at 1:30am!!) 

Thanks to the Norco Factory Team for the amazing support so far this year! As well as my lovely family, and Coach Adam for all the encouragement and prep! I am so looking forward to the rest of this season and ripping it up whenever I can!

Till the next one! ✌🏼 (Horseshoe/Hardwood ➡️ #HomeCourtAdvantage)

📸: Andy Vathis