My Europe Adventure

Right after the Hardwood Canada Cup, we (as in Team Canada, and specifically Peter, since we travel together) headed over the pond to land in Barcelona, Spain to station where the UCI World Cup #3 was taking place in Vallnord, Andorra. Cycling Canada was putting on an Altitude Preperation camp for all the athletes so that we could have our best races! 

It was some AMAZING riding through the Pyrenees!! So it wasn’t all work and no fun. There was A Lot of fun that was had! 

Anyways, the race came up quick and Andorra is known for its super steep climbs, and super steep and loose descents! It is loads of fun but no matter how hard you go, it is a suffer fest! Ahaha I had plate #38 which meant I was right up on the 5th row. This would be my first World Cup race! 

The start was fast as always, and a lot of running happened due to the typical bottlenecking… but I came through on the first lap in 28th! And I was planning on sticking close to that number! 🤞🏻 I was having a good race, not feeling fully “on” but able to fight hard! On the last lap, I was pushing hard in 34th and lost focus for a second and SMACK! Over the bars I go flying through the air… (for like literally 15ft!) My point of contact was my shoulder and chin… Slightly dazed, I got back up and finished the race in 55th. It was a tough way to end a race where I was riding good, but I was glad that nothing was broken and I still finished! 

I was off the bike a couple of days after the race just to make sure no concussion symptom snuck up on me, then I was back into race mode as we were in Lenzerheide, Switzerland for round #4! Switzerland is such an amazing place! The views are priceless, and the riding is super good! 

This course in Lenzerheide has less climbing than most courses, but it is punchy and bumpy and super fun to ride!! It has been my favourite course yet! My Norco Revolver FS was just able to dominate this course, and with the conditions that we had, Kenda Tires had us covered! This week, I had plate #37, one better than last week, but not much difference in the start position… 

It was an uphill start, with a paved climb right at the start. I almost made it to the first corner, but a guy took me out as part of a couple crashes in the start… Once back on my bike, my shifting was slightly skewed but good enough to race, so I was in race mode! 

Starting to pick racers off one by one, feeling great on the course and in the body, I was up to the challenge to get where I wanted to be! 

Another exciting race and I was up to 31st in the last lap with a couple riders right ahead. Anyways, this race didn’t finish as planned again… about 500m from the finish line, my derailleur hanger broke and that was the end of my time riding. So I picked my bike up and started running. 

Finishing up in 46th. 

It was a great trip overall with the Norco Factory Team, with some stellar and “best rides” for the team! 

Up next is the Canadian National Championships in Canmore, Alberta where the race for the lead will be happening!! 

Stay Tuned…