Start of 2018

So I know that my blog posts have been slacking lately, but I thought since the season is just starting up (I know… early!), I would fill in the gaps from the last few months.

Coming home from World Championships in Australia, I went right into my first year at McMaster University to study Kinesiology. It was a bit of a whirlwind coming into it a couple weeks late, but luckily I already knew some people and hadn’t missed much content in my classes.

As I started into October I finally started to feel on top of school and my new surroundings. So now it was time to start incorporating some riding into the mix before it got cold and I would be forced to ride on the trainer… Starting off this year with my coach Adam Morka again, and reflecting on the past years highs and lows, we devised a strategy for the coming months to prepare for 2018 and build upon the last season.

Looking to better last year, Adam and I began to add some new stuff, loosen some screws, and try to make the next couple months organic and self-motivating during the heavy school times. One exciting addition to this years mix was being introduced to the amazing Kevin Jardine. Think of someone who can work on biomechanics, body alignment, stabilization, and come up with a strength plan that is gonna kick your ass but reap benefits, and Kevin is your guy!

Anyways, back to some school action. I made it through 1st semester pretty easy breezy. Only being gone for some short times which included a trip to Cyclocross Nationals, it wasn’t too bad with missed work. Starting off the 2nd semester, I reduced my already-reduced course load. Double reduced… I know what you’re thinking; ‘Quinton’s going to be in school for foreverrrr…’ and that might just be the case 😅 But after meeting with my profs and finding that ill be away from class more than I’m there, it seemed to be beneficial to not over-reach this year.

I am now on reading break, on a trip in Spain to start off the season before we head to Stellenbosch, South Africa for the first World Cup of the season with the Norco Factory Team. After the World Cup, I’ll come back to school for 2 weeks and then leave again for the California campaign ending with Sea Otter which coincides with the end of 2nd semester.

It’s going to be a fun (and busy) time when I get back to McMaster for those 2 weeks, but university has been a total blast! All the new experiences, change in scenery, new friends, and meeting tons of people, it’s been great! Along with the courses which I thoroughly enjoy, I wish I could pursue both cycling and school at my maximum capacity, but one or the other will always be around. I am more than excited to get this 2018 season off the ground and can’t wait to get back into the racing!


Thanks for reading! See you soon!