An Epic World Cup…

Starting this season (and World Cup season) off even earlier than before is the Epic World Cup in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Here it is hot, dusty, and a whole new experience!

Luckily for Peter and I, we arrived last Wednesday to get ready and used to the change in climate.

We got on the World Cup course a couple days after we arrived to find that it is pretty gnarly and not really anything we have seen before! It’s steep, loose, technical, sooo dusty, and can I please repeat that it is STEEP! Not to mention that it is mostly man-made and sculpted. But I have taken a liking to the course as it is very fun to ride.

Ok flash forward! We are a day away from the first World Cup, the Norco crew is here, and the environment is buzzing (in a chill way… still a day out). Things are ramping up to start the season off! Super excited to get the first World Cup of the season off the ground!

This is my 2nd year in Under 23 – starting with plate #11, I am excited to see what I can bring to the table and set goals from there for the season!

Anyways, super stoked for tomorrow! Now time to rest and get dialed!

Tune in tomorrow super early (3:15am EST…) at home to watch some live timing:

Oh ya, and NEW KIT DAY!!!

Thanks Norco Bicycles and Jakroo Canada for some sweet threads!