World Cup #1 – Stellenbosch

First World Cup of the year yesterday and might I say it was a suffer fest(!) – As the course was riddled with steep climbs, technical descents that were steep as well, and almost no place for recovery in the lap.


Heading into the first World Cup of the year, I was definitely nervous but had some serious excitement and tried to channel the nervous energy. As we got closer to the start gun going off, the notorious “heart beat” started and that meant it was game time!


Start gun goes off, as hard as you can go, and up the start climb where there was some major “slinky effect” (where the hill is so steep and the pack is moving so fast that the leaders slow down as they start the climb and riders run full speed into climbing riders in front of them) and most of us had to run up to the top. Getting back up to the main group, much further back than I was expecting and hoping for, I had some serious work to do to get caught back up. First 2 laps were full force, and I worked myself back up to the mid-teens, but due to that I had a slight fade in the latter half of the race. Last lap I dug to catch back up and make a final pass just before the finish to soft pedal in to 24th place.


First World Cup of the season, happy to get it rolling with a solid finish and an improvement from last year. Always ways to improve and room to do so, therefore I have my work cut out for me!


Thanks to Norco South Africa for being an enormous support here and bringing tons of high energy! As well as to Jonny Duncan and Gershom Morris for making the trip out to keep us dialed and in line. And obviously to Mom and Dad for just being them; extremely supportive and diving into this whole biking thing as a family is extremely special and something I’m grateful for everyday!


Up next:

Back to McMaster to finish off the remaining  6 ½ weeks of the semester while only being present for a whopping 7 whole days (insert J). Sound like an issue? It’s going to be. Then heading out to Victoria for the Canada Cup and then right down to California for a couple rounds of US Cups ending with Sea Otter! Going to be another fun block!


Can’t wait! But also don’t really want to leave…

(Hopefully will get some race pictures to go with this soon!)

See you next time.